Thought Provokers for Sunday, Dec. 13, 2015

john the baptist brood of vipers

These are Thought Provokers that may help you meditate on the Gospel for this Sunday: Luke 3:7-18.


I am shocked to find how many people in our churches have never anywhere made a decisive Christian commitment. They oozed into church membership on a conventional kind of basis, but no one has ever effectively dealt with them spiritually, or helped them to make a Christian decision.

Sam Shoemaker, the Episcopal pastor who helped to found Alcoholics Anonymous
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People will wrangle for religion;
write for it;
fight for it;
die for it;
anything but-live for it.

Caleb Colton
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There can be no question but that Church membership
has been made too cheap.
It has become largely a convention….
At present our churches draw and hold the settled
and cramp or repel the venturesome,
which is precisely the reverse of the New Testament Church.

Henry Sloane Coffin
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It does not take a great mind to be a Christian,
but it takes all the mind a person has.

Richard C. Raines
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