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love the lord you god

Over forty years ago, the Beatles sang their song, “All You Need Is Love.” You will still hear it today on the classic rock stations. Paul McCartney, who composed the song, says:

“I still believe that love is all you need.
I don’t know a better message than that.”
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Love cures.
It cures not only those who receive it–
but also those who give it.
Dr. Karl Menninger
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When Mother Teresa visited Washington, D.C., she gave a speech that was very well received. After the speech, people gathered around to say hello and tell her how much they appreciated what she had to say. One of the women asked, “Mother Teresa, how may we help you?” To which Mother Teresa responded simply, “Love your family.”
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We must not choose our neighbor;
we must take the neighbor that God sends us.
Our neighbor is just the person who is next to us at the moment,
the person with whom any business has brought us into contact.

George MacDonald
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