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This Sunday, the Gospel reading is about the healing of a bleeding woman and the resurrection of a little girl.


To live by the law of Christ and accept him in our hearts
is to turn a giant floodlight of hope into our valleys of trouble.

Charles Hembree
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I read in a book that a man called Christ went about doing good.
It is disconcerting to me that I am so satisfied with just going about.

Toyhiko Kagawa
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Our Lord begins where we would never begin,
at the point of human destitution.
The greatest blessing a man ever gets from God
is the realization that, if he is going to enter into His Kingdom,
it must be through the door of destitution.
Naturally we do not want to begin there;
that is why the appeal of Jesus is of no use
until we come face to face with realities;
then the only One worth listening to is the Lord.

Oswald Chambers, He Shall Glorify Me
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God’s providence is not in baskets lowered from the sky,
but through the hands and hearts of those who love him.The lad without food and without shoes made the proper answer to the cruel-minded woman who asked,
“But if God loved you, wouldn’t he send you food and shoes?”
The boy replied, “God told someone, but he forgot.”
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God can make you anything you want to be,
but you have to put everything in his hands.

Mahalia Jackson
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