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The only Bible that most people will read today
is the daily example of Christians–
your example and mine.

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The way from God to a human heart
is through a human heart.

Samuel Gordon
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To be in Christ is to share one’s faith,
for you cannot have a share in Christ unless you share him with others.
Nothing is ours till we share it.
The sharing of the faith makes it possible to share in the faith….
If you are not winning others, Christ has not really won you.

E. Stanley Jones
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The saint…wants to be simply a window
through which God’s mercy shines on the world.
And for this he strives to be holy…
in order that the goodness of God
may never be obscured by any selfish act of his.

Thomas Merton
* * * * * * * * * *
A Christian is not a person who is trying to do something,
but is a person who has received something;
a person to whom something has happened
and who simply cannot keep it to himself.

Peter Marshall
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Gathered by Dick Donovan

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