Audio: The Sheep and the Goats

sheep and goats

Audio: Message of Nov. 23, 2014
The Sheep and the goats
Mt. 25:31-46 – The parable of the sheep and the goats
Think of these questions before listening to the message:

* We are in a series of judgment parables: what is Jesus’ goal? Scare us?
* Who are the least of these, or the least of these brothers and sisters of mine?
* Why did the rejected act this way, ignoring the needs of others?
* Being engaged in these good deeds supposes a lot of trouble for us, doesn’t it?
* Is joy part of the process? How?
* Hey, Grace is not mentioned here? What is it? Salvation by works?
* How are disciples trained by Jesus harbingers of a new Empire?
* Is this about carrying on Jesus’ own ministry today?
* Can disciples do all that “naturally”, not as an obligation?
* So, what about us?

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