The Practice of the Presence of God


From Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection:

Before beginning any task I would say to God, with childlike trust: “O God, since you are with me, and it is your will that I must now apply myself to these outward duties, I implore you, assist me with your grace that I may continue in your presence; and to this end, O Lord, be with me in this my work, accept the labor of my hands, and dwell within my heart with all your fullness.” Moreover, as I work, I would continue to hold familiar converse, offering to him my little acts of service, entreating the unfailing help of his grace.

When I had finished, I would examine how I had performed my duty: if I found well, I gave him thanks; if ill, I implored His pardon, and without losing heart I set my spirit right, and returned anew unto his presence, as though I had never wandered from Him.

Thus, by rising after every fall, and by doing all in faith and love, without wearying, I have come to a state in which it would be as little possible for me not to think of God, as it was hard to discipline myself thereto at the beginning.

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Church Planter, Anglican Diocese in New England (Anglican Church in North America).
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