Was Paying the Tax the Final Issue?

Roman Taxes

Audio: Mt 22:15-22 – Paying the Tax?

Questions you may ask:

  1. Is Jesus challenging those who assume they’re comfortably within God’s purpose?
  2. What about sugar-coated questions?
  3. What horrendous thing did the questioners realized as soon as they had pulled out the Roman coin?
  4. Did Jesus concede the payment of the tax?
  5. What haunting question does the second part of Jesus’ answer raise?
  6. What does it mean offering to God all our being? Is it realistic?
  7. What is the consequence of belonging to God?
  8. What would Jesus call us to do if he were now in the room?
  9. When we belong to God, do we belong to any human entity?
  10. “Seek first the Kingdom”: describe the king of priority this means to you.
  11. Do you need a surplus of significance in your life?

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Church Planter, Anglican Diocese in New England (Anglican Church in North America).
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