Letter from our Bishop’s Chaplain for Clergy Care and Wellness

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Hi, Y’all,
I was appointed a Bishop’s Chaplain for Clergy Care and Wellness shortly before the Synod meeting in December, and one of my responsibilities is to send out prayer requests for clergy or their family members who request prayer for a particular need. I did not have a mailing list on my account for the clergy and lay pastors of the ADNE, so I have been making one and just completed it today. One reason I am sending this is to test my list to see if I have gotten the addresses correct; I took them from the May 2013 ADNE Directory.
Since the Synod, two more clergy have been appointed to the Chaplaincy Corps, the Rev Ian Montgomery and the Rev Dr Ray Pendleton. There are about 60 clergy in our diocese, but we are scattered all over New England and even have a clergy couple in upstate New York. Between the three of us, we are confident that we can be present with any member of the clericus as needed.
We are also developing a list of resources for marriage support and various kinds of therapy that may be needed. We will keep you posted on the resources as we get them listed.
In wartime, the enemy will seek to pick off the officers, knowing that a leader lost will render the soldiers less capable of fighting well. The same is true of spiritual warfare. That reality, in addition to the ordinary hazards of life in this broken and sinful world, means that conditions can be rough and the stresses of ministry (especially of church planting) will be magnified.
We will be praying for you; may the Lord sustain you in his grace.

God bless,

Jesus said, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:31,32
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