Advent – Dec. 2

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Matthew 21:1-11

And when He entered Jerusalem, all the city became agitated and trembling with excitement said, Who is This?(Matt 21:10, AMP).

After Jesus applies the messianic prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 to Himself, He enters Jerusalem and the temple to shouts of “Hosanna to the son of David the Messiah.” Matthew—an eyewitness of these events—describes the whole city as “agitated and trembling with excitement” as it asked itself “Who is this?”

This moment was not just a particularly raucous Passover welcome for a popular rabbi. It was not just extra enthusiasm for a provincial miracle worker come finally to the big city. No, it was more than that. There was electricity in the air. Everyone could sense it. This was IT, the long expected coming of THE MESSIAH and everyone was asking “What next? What more?”

How often in scripture are Jerusalem and the temple types of the human heart? And now the Messiah has come to the heart of Israel, has entered it to great acclaim.. .but is that heart ready to receive the Messiah on His terms rather than theirs? Is it ready to be cleansed, challenged, and called to a fundamental change in how it relates to God and its fellow man?

Following Jesus, being a disciple, is always a matter of the heart. The intellect likes to think itself superior, in charge, leading the way, but it is the heart that we follow. That’s why the gospel writers often speak of Jesus knowing what was in someone’s heart, because to know the heart is to know the truth, the true nature of the man, of the woman.

It took only a mere week to go from shouting Hosannas to shouting “Crucify him! We have no king but Caesar” (John 19:15). The fickleness of the heart—it wants a messiah of its own making without realizing the worthlessness of the same!

Is that also my heart, agitated and trembling with excitement at His drawing near? Will my heart prove fickle? Can I receive Him for who he truly is? Can I accept even the hard parts; the call to change, to purity, to holiness, to sacrificial love of my neighbor? Let me not turn back, let me receive him with joy, singing and shouting Hosannas!

The Rev. Cn. Daniel Klooster (MAR 1999)

Executive Director, GatewayMissionTrainingCenter

El Paso, TX and Juarez, Mexico

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Church Planter, Anglican Diocese in New England (Anglican Church in North America).
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