Billy Meets a Priest at Walmart

wallmart entranceI was just outside the Walmart entrance, talking with Katrina on my cell phone, going back home after a prayer walk. Near me, I noticed a man who was evidently waiting to accost me. I thought “Yup, he is going to ask me for money!” When I put the phone in my pocket, he did come towards me. He asked: Are you a priest? (I was in clericals). Yes, I said. Then he asked me whether I could pray for him. I suppose he was expecting me to say: Yes, I will. But I felt otherwise. I asked: Yes, sure, what is your first name? Billy he said. And right there, near the main entrance of that temple of consumerism, I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him, asking God to bless him with what he needs. Maybe it was an awkward scene for many wallmarters entering or exiting, but it was OK with me! What were his needs? Pressing enough to ask, unexpectedly, an unknown priest to pray for him! Katrina and I keep praying for Billy and other persons I have encountered in prayer walks.
Fr. Daniel+

About Daniel Mochamps

Church Planter, Anglican Diocese in New England (Anglican Church in North America).
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